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Novak Motors centrally located is the best Dodge dealership by me that sells the Challenger used

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How much does a used Dodge Challenger cost?

Starting price is only


The used Dodge Challenger for sale in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford is one of the best vehicles to come out of the Dodge brand, one well worth its price when brand new, and in many cases on special trim lines dealerships even ask over MSRP. That is not the case here though, not one bit. The way we look at it, and the main reason we sell pre-owned vehicles is to save you money by letting that first owner take the depreciation hit all cars take.  If you can save many thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars by getting one with low miles, only 1 owner, and in like-new condition; why not? That idea is precisely what Novak Motors does for you on all the vehicles we sell. Why spend the money when you don't have to?  You can get a new-used Challenger from us starting less than $20,000 and it is just like a new vehicle. The best part is that there is no negotiating needed in order to get the low price from the start! We take great pride in only stocking the best vehicles in the market, which have only had 1 owner, are low miles, and newer years for the highest quality. This ensures you that every vehicle in our inventory are in like-new condition. An additional bonus is that we only sell lease turn-ins; so you know that these vehicles have been well maintained and taken care off. On top of all that, we still put all our vehicle through a rigorous inspection to ensure that only the finest ones make it onto our lots so we can sell directly to you in confidence that you are getting the highest quality pre-owned vehicles in the DFW area! To learn about the Challenger and all it has to offer, please continue down the page, and if at any time you have a question or have decided you are ready to come check one out yourself; please contact us and we will be happy to schedule an obligation free visit.

The used Dodge Challenger for sale in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford interior is second to none in its class. We start our description of the vehicle here since this is where you spend your time, inside driving this beauty. There are actually 10 trim levels for the Challenger, and each one looks a bit different on the inside, but all have the same main features and benefits. Including, but not limited to, strategically placed cup holders so they are convenient to reach but still out of the way. One of the most user friendly yet advanced infotainment systems in the marketplace, a comfortable and strong steering wheel with controls on most models, comfortable seats, redundant buttons and knobs for functions of the vehicle that are accessed frequently, a TFT full color digital display for your gauges, and the list goes on. To top it all off, the styling of the inside encompasses everything that someone is looking for in a vehicle; Safety, Utility, Versatility and Value, performance/function, and last but far from! Get inside this beast and you will know right away that this car has everything you have ever wanted in an interior of a muscle car, and still managed to remain true to its heritage, name, and class.

The exterior of a used Dodge Challenger for sale in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford is one of beauty and awe. When Challenger was first released decades ago, it was a standout car that people loved. When it was re-introduced not long ago, Dodge took everything that people remembered and made sure that it was not only a part of this car, but "amplified". This is the only muscle car today that looks as close to its original remembered counterpart back in the 70s than any other muscle car or sports car out on the road today. But there are differences, oh yes. Bigger and more stylish wheels, intelligently placed accents to bring out the heritage iconic look, overall bigger car inside and out, obviously all up-to-date and even some cutting-edge exclusive technologies built in, and a suspension system that is sporty yet as elegant as a luxury car. Around the rear of the vehicle the wide tail lamps make it stand out just like in the 'ol days, integrated exhaust for a more streamline / custom look, and to finish it off with the classic curves on the side and rear window that help set it apart and contribute to the industry Icon that is....Dodge Challenger.

A used Dodge Challenger for sale in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford can't be talked about, unless performance is mentioned. On this page, we saved the best for last. The car is comfortable, a great ride, is packed full of technology, and as you can see here from the images above absolutely one of a kind. But with all that being said, this car is still a beast of Legendary proportions! From the powerful yet fuel efficient Pentastar V6 all the way up to the furious Demon trim line, this car out performs everyone with similar engines...and of course no one has a "similar" engine to the Hellcat's and Demon's (making this the fastest car in the world for the money). There are cars out there in the world that cost over $1,000,000+ which are slower, less comfortable, and have less technology than this monster. But you don't have to get the top tier trim line to have performance, oh no, this car knocks it out of the park even in the lower trim lines. The V6 available on this car is actually one of the most popular engines due to its high fuel efficiency and power combination. For those of you that want more the 5.7L Hemi engine is always available, and even the SRT offer that engine with a bigger displacement. There are car companies out there that are afraid of Power and Performance, Dodge embraces it! Contact us today to get behind the wheel of one of these amazing cars today and experience what it is like to be sitting in and owning a piece of American history.

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