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The used Dodge Durango for sale in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford is one of the newer vehicles to come out of the Dodge line-up, and one well worth its price when brand new. But if you can save many thousands of dollars by getting one with low miles, only 1 owner, and in like-new condition; why not? That is exactly what Novak Motors does for you. This SUV is one that has consistently withstood the demanding test of time by being (and staying) on the cutting edge of technology, looks, and functionality with performance numbers to back it all up! The interior is inviting, the exterior is bold, and the versatility is one of the best in its class. You picked the right SUV to research, you pick the powerhouse that is known as the amazing Durango.

 A used Dodge Durango for sale in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford interior is something special to behold. With up to 7 passenger seating in a "stadium" design ensures that not only everyone can see out the front but also provides for extra foot room making sure that everyone is comfortable, even in the back row. In addition to that, soft-touch materials are used throughout and only premium seating appointments are utilized in the construction along with enough padding to ensure maximum comfort, even on extended trips. In the image above you will see the leather option, but a cloth version is also available for those that want to save some money and/or don't want leather.  The second row occasionally has captains chairs in the second row, removing the middle seat/arm rest and giving a pass through the middle. In the front you are treated to a maximum amount of technology, space, and given a front row view for the impressive performance this vehicle is capable of, which we will get to in 2 sections. For now, continue on to read about the exterior.

Used Dodge Durango for sale in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford not too long ago was completely redesigned to this current body style, and ever since has been a major Dominator in the market. Dodge was the first manufacturer to really take the Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) serious. This is the vehicle that was one of the first SUVs to have its very own body, and not just a cab dropped on top of a truck frame and where a bed used to be. Dodge took the idea, and perfected it by creating the predecessor to this current body style. Making its own hydra formed frame and building a vehicle around that over just putting a body over a truck frame. This gave the vehicle a whole new dimension and changed the entire SUV segment to what it is now. Smoother rides, more power, quieter interior cabins, and more interior room all came from Dodge being the pioneer in the industry. Everyone else learned from Dodge, figured out what was best about it, improved and made theirs. This new style is the combination of all that because Dodge then took the best of the competition AND the best of the previous model and put it all together to bring you this bold beast! Aggressive and sporty looks, powerful road presence and stance, tons of power under the hood, and a technology level the current age demands from their vehicle. You want the best, you demand the best, and the Durango is just what you have been asking for.

Used Dodge Durango for sale in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford, if you have read all above, you will see is the overall best SUV on the market when it comes to style, interior, and design. But what about performance? Can this vehicle "get up and go"? Or can it haul what you need or carry the payload you want? Absolutely "YES" to all of that!  With up to 7400 pounds of towing capability when properly equipped with a V8 (or still an impressive 6200 with the V6) you can tow anything you need to. Add to that a 50/50 weight distribution and sway control standard and you can do it safely and with confidence too, even as a first time "tower". Speaking of engines, depending on what you desire, Dodge has the answer for you. When we talk about efficiency, the V6 is the one that fist is up. A 3.6-litre award winning Pentastar engine pumps out just a hair under 300 HP and 260 torque providing a smooth and efficient drive and giving you roughly 26 MPG on the highway. For those that want more power, the legendary 5.7 Hemi V8 is available for you. 360 HP, 390 torque, 22 MPG on the highway, and the guts to dominate the road in style!

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