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The used Honda CRV in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford is one of the newer vehicles to come out of the Honda line-up, and one well worth its price when brand new. But if you can save many thousands of dollars by getting one with low miles, only 1 owner, and in like-new condition; why not? That is exactly what Novak Motors does for you.  This page is built around the CRV to help you learn about it, show you why it is special, and give you opportunities to see it from the comfort of your home inside and out as well as give you several points throughout to access other parts of our site to give you more information. This page is focused on the previous year models, however many points and aspects have been carried over from year to year so information still applies to older vehicles in our inventory. With that being said, there may be a handful of things mentioned here that only applies to the current year model and if those are the things that you want, then don't worry because we will be receiving this model before you know it! Overall, this vehicle has been in industry leader in its segment for many reasons: brand reputation, model reputation, consumer reputation, and of course the exterior looks, interior feel, and overall versatility. Continue on to learn more about all these points.

Inside the cabin is where we will start with the used Honda CRV in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford. For this vehicles size, it has tons of room; leg, head, side-to-side, and shoulder room. This vehicle is able to comfortably seat 5 full-sized adults plus cargo in the back with ease. In fact, that is exactly what this vehicle is designed to your needs! From the comfortable cloth interior in the lower trim lines to the soft leather in the upper lines; all are roomy, comfortable, and impressive. There are accents placed through the cabin to bring the scale of the vehicle up a notch and emit a fancier feel while maintaining a sense of humbleness. Ingenious placement of interior features and controls improve interior volume and enhance the feel of the vehicle from both the passengers and driver points of view. As far as technology goes, this vehicle has what you ask for crammed with over 50 technology features. Some of the most popular standard features available on all models is a multi-angle rear view camera, Bluetooth hands free and streaming audio, Pandora compatibility, and a 5-inch color LCD screen (7-inch on upper lines). Last feature that our customers love is the multi-information display system that tells you average fuel MPG (and an instant MPG), has a digital speedometer, exterior temperature gauge, a distance till empty (DTE) indicator, and the shift indicator so you know where your shifter is. All in all, this is a well-equipped inside of a vehicle that fits your needs comfortably and efficiently.

Moving from the inside to the exterior of the Used Honda CRV in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford you will notice that this SUV just simply looks great. This is where you will notice most of the difference between the current body style and older ones, and what a changes it had, almost every inch of this SUV has been enhanced in some way or another. With that being said, the overall silhouette is actually still the same and these changes are mostly cosmetic. So, if you like this version, then you will probably like the couple year old versions too. Just contact us today to schedule your obligation free visit and we will be happy to discuss what we have incoming and when. Back to the exterior though, if you look at the image you can see sharp lines mixed with supple curves. A great yin and yang type design giving the vehicle sharp angles in some places yet soft flowing lines in others, holding it back from going too far. Great wheel choices are made with this vehicle to bring out the accents intertwined throughout the body, and last but not least the front grille and front end make an aggressive statement. This SUV has a commanding presence that will take the back seat to no other vehicle in its class.

Versatility of a used Honda CRV in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford is also very important, otherwise it would make the 'U' in SUV pointless. Utility and versatility can be synonymous from time to time with each other and this is totally a case of that where the two meet seamlessly. With an impressive 39.2 cubic feet of cargo volume with the seats up and just a hair under 76 cubic feet when the seats are folded down, you have the room inside to carry almost anything you need to without issue. The rear seat does have a 60/40 split so you can choose to fold down either side depending on if you need more or less cargo capacity. When your hands are full the rear hatch can open with a wave of the foot on upper trim lines. The roof can also be mounted with a roof rack to add even more utility to the vehicle if you need even more capacity. Contact us today to come in and take a look yourself. We have a very simple no-hassle obligation free visit experience waiting for you. Come on in, take a look around at all we have both on the ground and incoming (we literally have thousands of vehicles incoming of various makes and models), and let us give you the information you seek to save money and get exactly what you are looking for.

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