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The used Jeep Grand Cherokee in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford is one amazing vehicle, and one well worth its price when brand new. But if you can save many thousands of dollars by getting one with low miles, only 1 owner, and in like-new condition; why not? That is exactly what Novak Motors does for you. Inside to outside, performance to capability, the Grand Cherokee has you covered and this page is made to help you learn all about it. From an overall standpoint, it is clear that this is one great looking SUV, but don't take our word for it. This vehicle has actually won more awards than any other SUV in the marketplace, wow! So what awards has the most awarded SUV ever earned? Only: Consumer Digest's Best Buys, Texas Auto Writers Performance Utility of Texas Award, Stratigic's Vision Total Quality Award, Wards Magazine 10 best engines, Autobytel top 10 SUVs, Autobytel 10 safest SUVs, Edmunds most popular, Outdoor Activity Vehicle of the Year, NHTSA 5-Star overall crash rating, Four Wheeler's SUV of the Year, Highest Owner Loyalty just to name a few of the many! So look no further than Novak Motors to get the vehicle you want because we have the largest inventory of high-quality Pre-owned Grand Cherokees than anyone in the whole State available! Get what you want, save thousands, and drive home today in a beautiful SUV; only you will know you bought used.

A used Jeep Grand Cherokee in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford has outstanding interior. In order to help get all the awards it has got, interior does play a role in that. Why? Because lets face it, this is where you spend the majority of the time when around your car, inside. It would only make sense that the inside is not only pleasant to the eyes, but comfortable to experience as well. In the picture above you will see the inside of a Overland Summit, a higher trim line model. Rich and supple nappa leather interior from the seats to steering wheel and even the dashboard, a big 8.3" full color touch-screen display, beautiful satin silver accents, and adjustable height control system and on the fly traction control adjustment options, a suede headliner and the list goes on. Not looking for all the "bells and whistles", then that is not a problem. We also offer the Lorado trim line that is a high-quality comfortable cloth interior, and soft-touch applications throughout the cabin, no hard plastics on the dash oh no, you are getting a quality vehicle from the entry line up to the highline. If you want something more mid-grade, then the Limited will have you covered with a happy medium between the 2 trim lines.

Used Jeep Grand Cherokee in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford is more than a wonderful interior, it is also a performance leader. The four-by-four models are Trail rated, meaning they are capable of taking on some of the most vicious off road trails in the entire world. Straight from the factory, when you see that badge on your Jeep it means it (the same model) has been Rubicon Trail, the proving ground for every trail rated vehicle. Seventeen miles of rugged harsh terrain, trails, rocks, and rivers. This is the place where a Jeep must excel at traversing the harsh conditions in order to earn its Badge of Honor. Starting with traction, a necessity in climbing the rough rocks and steep inclines, Trail rated Jeeps overpower gravity and pulls themselves to impressive heights. Testing includes but are not limited to untamed roads, slippery conditions such as wet, muddy and even snowy), and of course steep grades. The second item a vehicle must check off to earn this badge is to have an acceptable ground clearance to overcome the most extreme obstacles. The vehicle must have the ground clearance, approach angles, departure, break over angles and more to get crossed off in this category. When you get the upper trim line 4x4 of Grand Cherokee, you get a max ground clearance of 11.3 inches! To stay on Track the next category is Articulation, and that is the travel a wheel has before it is lifted off the ground. Good Articulation allows a wheel to stay on the ground longer in order to give the maximum level of traction available. Maneuverability is the second to last category meaning that every wheelbase is strategically placed in order to give you optimal turning radius and get into or out of tight spots. Last, but not least is water fording. Water fording is designed so that when it gets a little deep, you are still able to go. Note: this does not mean you can go over flowing roads when flooding, which is extremely dangerous in ANY vehicle. But in controlled environments such as offroad parks and trails, you are able to take on the trails where there is water and others will have to turn around. With extra seals and high air intake, you won't get flooded out when traversing the rivers!

For those of you not interested in a 4x4 vehicle, this section is for you. We recommend you read the previous paragraph because your vehicle is still built the same way! The only difference is the suspension components, and some skid plates along with a 4x2 drivetrain as opposed to a obvious 4x4. But other than that, your vehicles are identical, so you know that even as a 4x2, you are in a very capable vehicle! With an anti-spin differential, you are still more capable than 1/2 the vehicles on the road today!

Last, the used Jeep Grand Cherokee in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford is still at its core an SUV, Sport Utility Vehicle. We have discussed the sport aspect or performance aspect, but what about the utility? Don't worry, because there is tons of room inside this beast. This is a Mid-sized SUV, there are 2 rows (front and back) and a large storage area in the rear. The rear seats fold flat to give additional versatility and you can get a roof rack and/or hitch too to give even more possibilities. Choose from the award winning Pentastar or Hemi engines, you can't go wrong with either! Now is the time to get into that incredible vehicle or less than you ever thought possible! choose your trim line, choose your engine, choose your drivetrain, and we will do the rest to get you the best deal in the state so you can drive home happy today in your brand new used Jeep Grand Cherokee!

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