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How much does a used Toyota Tacoma cost?

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The used Toyota Tacoma in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford is one of the most in demand vehicles to come out of the Toyota line-up, and one well worth its price when brand new. But if you can save many thousands of dollars by getting one with low miles, only 1 owner, and in like-new condition; why not? That is exactly what Novak Motors does for you.  We have created this page just for you to get the information you are looking for on the Tacoma as well as show you current inventory in stock. If you don't see the one for you here, don't worry! We have hundreds available and incoming at any given time and are sure that we can get you exactly what you are looking for, and no one will even know you bought used; except you and your wallet. To learn more about this great vehicle, scroll down and find out why this is one of Toyota's best sellers that we have decided to keep in inventory, just for you.

Inside the used Toyota Tacoma in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford you will see a refined, comfortable, sedan-like feeling. Trucks are traditionally known for not being comfortable, cramped, and cheap inside; which is totally not the case with this amazing truck. You have plenty of space in both the front and back seats as well as wide backs enabling even a more heavy-set person to comfortably sit in any of the seats. There is the standard cloth interior and leather option, just like a sedan, and the interior trim is just as refined and car like to give the most comfortable feeling when behind the wheel. The center console has plenty of storage between the seats, an ergonomic shifter box in elegantly placed within an easy arms reach wrapped in an elegant trim to give it a pleasant look as well as feel when shifting your gears. Big brilliant circular air vents allow for plenty of airflow throughout the cabin, intelligently placed nobs allow for easy operation of the features of the vehicle, and the touchscreen interface is top-notch to enhance your driving experience to the max!

The Used Toyota Tacoma in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford has one incredible, head-turning design on the outside too. The interior may be comfortable and sedan-like to maximize your ride quality; the exterior is adversely rough and rugged making sure no one can belittle this powerhouse. A bold grille design with the Toyota logo is aggressively placed front and center so there is no mistake that this beast is produced from one of the best manufactures in today's industry. Depending on the trim line you select you can get the "normal" chiseled hood or upgrade to the one with the powerful scoop to not only enhance the look but also provide extra benefit under the hood. Powerful wheel designs with meaty tires are the "shoes" this monster wears with accenting wheel flairs which are either monochromatic (body colored) or accented black matte like in the picture above. Standard daytime running lights are integrated in the assembly along with enhanced lighting elements to give the best possible legal lighting at night from your headlights and fog lights. Look at this great looking truck from any angle and you won't find one flaw. This is a great looking, practical, and rugged vehicle!

Performance numbers of the used Toyota Tacoma in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford are also quite impressive. Keep in mind that this vehicle is not a half-ton or 1500 series type truck. But with that being said this great vehicle when properly equipped can tow up to an impressive 6800 lbs or carry a payload of 1440 lbs! Even though this is not a full-sized truck, it really was not long ago that those were full-sized truck ratings! But some numbers a full-sized trucks of the past never saw was the up to 19/24 MPG city/highway fuel economy. Get the best of both worlds with great fuel efficiency and tons of payload/hauling capability. Another advantage a truck this size has over bigger trucks is increased maneuverability matched with making parking MUCH easier. How many times have you see someone have to back up and go forward several times to park their big trucks and then after many attempts they still cant park within the lines? We have seen it too many times to count, but with this truck, you wont have that issue! It is time to get more for less with the award winning, super-popular Toyota Tacoma! Contact us today to come in and take a look yourself at what makes this vehicle so great. We have a very simple no-hassle obligation free visit experience waiting for you. Come on in, take a look around at all we have both on the ground and incoming, and let us give you the information you seek to save money and get exactly what you are looking for.

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