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The used Dodge Ram 1500 for sale in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford is one of the newer vehicles to come out of the truck line-up, and one well worth its price when brand new. But if you can save many thousands of dollars by getting one with low miles, only 1 owner, and in like-new condition; why not? That is exactly what Novak Motors does for you. By taking in only high-quality Lease returns we get you the best vehicle possible and save you thousands in the process and the only one that will ever know you bought used, is you! The Ram 1500 is actually a perfect choice for this program as it is one of the most popular vehicles in all of Texas, both new and used. This is the first truck in history that won Motor trend's Truck of the Year title 2 consecutive years in a row, and this champion of trucks is and will never back down. To learn more about this monster and find out what makes it so great, continue on reading; and if at any time you are ready to check out inventory we have placed buttons both here at the top for you and at the bottom for convenience.

A used Dodge Ram 1500 for sale in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford has the interior that no other truck manufacture offers. There are several trim lines available and many configurations out there, each with their own level of options and equipment. The truck itself has cloth standard, a leather upgrade in mid-line trims, and a premium leather for the longhorn high-end trims (as seen in the image here). Regardless of the seat lining, they are all same, with the same amount of padding and dimensions. This is specifically done on purpose so that no matter if you choose cloth or leather, your seat is just as comfortable as the next and will remain so throughout the whole trip. Inside this full-sized 1/2-ton pickup truck known as the Ram 1500, you will see plenty of room. There are 3 cab sizes, Regular Cab, Quad Cab, and Crew Cab; each one designed to fit a different need of the customer. In the picture you can see that each seat is nice and big, almost recliner-like, you have plenty of storage space, and the feel inside is that of high-quality. Even in the entry levels, all these points are still present and the feel still impressive.

Used Dodge Ram 1500 for sale in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford has one of the most commanding road presences of any vehicle out there, not just trucks.  This was done by actually taking styling points from the Charger! With an aggressive "leaning forward" style, this truck is designed more after a muscle car than an actual truck...but don't let that fool you because it may look sporty, but it is still more than capable! How capable? When equipped right how does just under 400 horsepower sound? Or a mind-blowing 420 pound feet of torque? Or even 10,620 Lbs of towing power? Anyone that is in the market for a capable truck knows that those are more than capable numbers, especially on a half-ton! Add to the breathtaking capability the awesome styling points of the vehicle and you have a winner that will last you as long as you need it; inside, outside, and capability wise!

The used Dodge Ram 1500 for sale in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford comes in many different configurations. Unfortunately they are not all always available but we do what we can to get the most popular ones and cater to your needs whenever our inventory allows us to. We always have many thousands of inventory to choose from and incoming, so we are sure we can get you the configuration that will suit your wants, needs and desires. The chart above does go over all the different cab sizes, bed sizes, and dimensions; all important numbers to the truck customer. The Quad Cab and the Crew Cab both share the same length of 229", which is why you don't see a number under the Quad Cab overall length. Another thing that may jump out at you is the bed size of 6'4". Why not just 6' like everyone else? Well, Ram has taken it a step "out of the box" and realized that many things their customers put in their beds is 6' (such as a 6' ladder) and then realized that it was silly to have a bed end at that dimension (the tailgate wont close with something 6' in it). Therefore, they pushed it out an additional 4" so that you can put something that's 6' flat inside on to the bed and not have it raised up onto the side, and of course close the tailgate. This way you can also not only secure better/easier, but also allow for more equipment to be hauled around! If you are looking to buy a truck, look no further than the king of trucks, the Ram 1500, here at Novak Motors.

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