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The used Toyota 4Runner in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford is one of the brand's most popular models, which is why we choose to stock them here. When being utilized, it will provide unbelievable capability for your commute, whether it is work or off-road exploration. Do not let that sturdy off road road stop you. A used 4Runner not only provides a unique sporty appearance, it also has the durability to keep 4Runner for many years. Even for this SUV, quality is not sacrificed. Toyota equipped this SUV with a 6.1-inch high-resolution touch screen display as standard and can use high-end technology such as Bluetooth. If you are looking for a SUV that will not compromise comfort and quality, and if you can take your mind to where you want, 4Runner is for you.

Looking at used Toyota 4Runner in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford, detailed attention is paid in every aspect. The comfort, convenience, safety of drivers and passengers kept SUV design and function priorities in order. From the entrance interior decoration to the perforated leather, the excellent materials used inside 4Runner offer the highest comfort. The limited model adds a warm, ventilated front seat that allows you to drive comfortably in any situation. With the power moon roof option, you can get closer to the outdoors! You can slide and tilt the roof of the moon and glimpse your environment just by pushing the button. 4Runner not only provides optimum passenger and driver comfort but also provides up to 88 cubic feet of cargo space and can secure all the space necessary for adventure and excursion.

The used Toyota 4Runner in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford exterior stands out among all other SUVs on the road. Each trim provides a unique look that gives a bold impression to the road. From the SR5 4Runner front and rear bumper panels to the Limited's chrome accents and handles, each vehicle trim line has its own unique features. 4Runner's customizable options for performance and appearance are infinite. The new 4Runner also features a new distinctly prominent LED tail light. Regardless of which 4Runner Trim you choose, you can reflect your personality in the unique style and attractive appearance of the new SUV.

It is clear that the new used Toyota 4Runner in Fort Worth Dallas TX located in Bedford is a wonderful SUV inside and outside the vehicle. Toyota 4Runner features drivers and passenger's seat advanced airbag system, driver and passenger seat TAP (chest, abdomen, perbis) front seat mounting airbag, driver and front passenger seat knee airbag, all-row roll sensing side curtain airbag (RSCA) to protect everyone and everything in the vehicle. If your 4Runner is hit from the side, you ensured that the crew will be protected. The impact beam is located at each door and is designed to absorb energy from these hits and reduce the possibility of intrusion into the cabin. Toyota provides emergency assistance by pressing buttons such as emergency response, emergency response, theft inspection, roadside assistance, automatic collision notification and so on. The newly used 4Runner has several safety features that keep you safe wherever you are in the adventure of your life. Please come to the dealership and let us help you search for the perfect high-quality used Toyota 4Runner. Take the test drive and let us show you all of the features provided by this comfortable and safe SUV!

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